To enrich our world by empowering new and useful ideas


Our Mission

To guide our clients by materializing their own creative vision into unique and marketable products through utilization of cost effective strategies.  We relentlessly strive to provide our most important stakeholders, our customers, with innovative and inventive excellence of the highest quality, and provide them an outstanding return on investment. We continually strive to earn our clients’ trust through hard work, professionalism, integrity, and transparency in our daily decision making. Our ambition is to enrich our world one embodiment at a time.




J. D1e633d8onn Hethcock has a broad background in multidisciplinary engineering and has successfully applied principles of physics to develop everything from MEMS devices to unmanned airplanes to stealth bombers, to nuclear power plants. He has proposed, assembled and led many development projects and won 2 international awards in the last 2 years for product innovation and manufacturing excellence. Donn is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and specializes in building and executing business plans for successfully transitioning applied research into production. He is a serial inventor and holder of many patents for use and assembly of advanced composite materials.  Donn understands how to simplify complex systems while increasing their usefulness and making them more reliable. After working in the corporate world for many years, Donn has founded a business, EfO Design LLC that specializes in making clients with consumer products more successful.


3fa4554Eric G. Pianori
has an extensive background in multidisciplinary Research and Development in manufacturing, and design engineering in the aerospace industry. He has project engineering and management experience working with large retail enterprises in private sector, military and federal government industries. He can optimize processes for maximum efficiency and profitability, while focusing on increasing market share and enhancing the customer experience. Eric understands how to best synthesize competing sets of information, or technology, and organize it to synergistically achieve focused end results. Some of Eric’s specific skill sets include the following: advanced composite manufacturing and unitized structures; tooling and structural design; inexpensive prototyping & transition to production; UAV payload integration and piloting & testing; proposal writing; and marketing and sales.  Eric holds a Green Belt Six Sigma certification, a BS in Aerospace Engineering from University of Texas at Arlington and a BA in Liberal Studies with a focus in Mathematics from California State University San Marcos. Eric is a multilingual speaker of 4 languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, and Greek. When Eric is away from work he enjoys RC aircraft, cooking, construction remodeling, gardening, furniture design and manufacturing, and triathlons.



KenKen Cox Product Development & Design Engineer.