EfO-Design LLC (Expressions from Original Design), offers a range of select services, all of which can assist you in bringing your invention to market. Some of these services include capturing and protecting your intellectual property, reducing it to practice by refining your invention’s design, bringing it to life by building a prototype, and finally testing and validating the concept prior to its full-scale release in the market.

In addition to the above, we can also help you select the best avenue by which your invention can be brought to market e.g.,  retail stores, television, online catalogs, direct sales, licensing, or, if you prefer, we can help you set up a business that is built around your own invention. It is important to note that we will equip you with a data driven objective view of your product’s likelihood of succeeding in the market. Let our combined Six-Sigma approach with our Risk, Issue and Opportunity management analysis provide your invention with the best statistical chance to prosper. Our clients appreciate this approach because it empowers them to make educated decisions on how best to invest in concepts that will produce greater returns in shorter periods of time.

You should also know that many of our clients take advantage of our lower rates by letting us do the bulk of writing the invention’s patent specifications while under the oversight of patent attorneys or agents. Just this service alone can save you thousands of dollars while at the same time have the confidence and piece of mind that your invention’s Intellectual Property (IP) has been secured.

We believe in only taking on a limited number of clients as we feel that it is the best way to stay focused while providing customized attention, returning the best value, and providing proper customer service.

We understand that the process of inventing a product and bringing it to market can be an overwhelming process. We are confident that we can alleviate some of the burden and uncertainties that this journey can cause. Let us be a part of your journey; together we can take the first step towards your long term entrepreneurial success.